Modern production line

Our facilities are equipped to process and store more than 5 million Kilos of olives.

Own fields

Our own olive fields

We have our own olive fields, which are managed by experienced staff. We ensure the highest quality and the best health guarantees.

Entry into the olive green

Entrance and Boiling process for green olives

We have a modern entrance system for green olives with two input lines with leaf strippers, sorting machine and weighing hoppers for products and by-products. The whole system is managed from a central computer.

Mechanical and electronic classifieds

Classification Line

We have two classification lines where we select and separate the olives by size and quality. This system consists of stem removers, sorting machine, defects scanners and cables classifier. We also carry out a manual selection.

Court of the fermenting olives

Fermentation Plant / Cylinder Patio

We currently have a total of 515 fermenters, out of which 42 are steam cooking systems and 473 are underground reservoirs. We have a total capacity of more than 5,150,000 kilos.

Laboratory´s Gestoliva

Lab / Office

The laboratory is equipped with all the necessary material to perform the health and quality checks that we require for our products.

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